Sunday, 6 June 2010

Chernovetsky: Planned rise in tariffs for utilities services in Kyiv can be altered

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has said that new tariffs for housing and utilities services, which will be in effect from July 1, could be altered.

"The resolution of Kyiv City State Administration of May 31, 2010 to returnthe tariffs for heat and hot water supplies to the level in effect until October 1, 2009, which were suspended due to a trilateral memorandum (signed by Kyiv City Administration, Kyivenergo and Naftogaz Ukrainy), was disclosed for the purpose of its discussion with public institutions and receiving an expert assessment by relevant governmental structures, [so] this means its wording is not the final," the press service of Kyiv City State Administration cited Chernovetsky as saying.

According to him, the disclosure of this resolution is one of necessary points of the official procedure for bringing the document into effect, or amending it. The resolution was drafted by specialists on the basis of relevant calculations in order to fulfill a decision by the Housing and Utilities Ministry on gradual bringing tariffs for utilities services to an economically grounded level, Chernovetsky said.

He also noted that regardless of whether tariffs are changed or not, Kyiv residents will receive proper subsidies to pay for utilities services.

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