Sunday, 27 June 2010

Party in the park for Moscow folk

The third annual ShadeLynx Folk-Rock Fest takes place this Saturday, June 26 in Museon Arts Park. The event will feature performances by Tintal, The Dartz, Iva Nova, Anna Pingina, Doroga Vodana, Ulitsa Radio, Korni Ozer, Tol Miriam, Kalendar and Konets Leta.

Tintal and the Dartz are veterans of Russia’s burgeoning Celtic-folk scene, regularly starring at St. Patrick’s day gigs and parades with their skirl of pipes.

Meanwhile Iva Nova – who recently released their third album “Treat Tenderly” – began life as a raucous fusion of Slavic folk and punk before forging a distinctive blend which mixes everything from tango to blues in an energetic melting point.

Anna Pingina, previously with the group Bashnya Rowan, is also picking up a reputation for fusing folk sensibilities with pop-rock sounds and is a regular performer at the annual Dikaya Myata festival.

The organisers will hold the annual FolkTopTen awards of the ShadeLynx portal for “Achievement in Folk and Folk-Rock music.”

Scottish dance school Shady Glen and participants of historical reality reconstruction clubs will create the festive atmosphere with the help of producer and frontman Mikhail “Mike” Guliayev.