Thursday, 10 June 2010

Grand-daughter of Khabarovsk businessman kidnapped for ransom

The kidnappers of 18-year-old Anna-Maria demand 500 million roubles ($16 million) ransom from her relatives.

The girl’s mother called the police on Monday and reported that unknown people kidnapped her daughter on Sunday and demanded 500 million roubles ransom, media reported.

The police are looking for two people. “Presumably, the crime was committed by people from Caucasus,” Khabarovsk region police press-officer Natalia Yanovskaya told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “I can confirm that they are demanding ransom from the businessman.”

Anna-Maria was leaving a Khabarovsk fitness centre in her Nissan when she collided with a white Subaru Leone. The incident was minor, but in order to clear up the situation Anna got out of her car. Then the perpetrators pushed her into their car and drove off.

The Subaru was found burned down later that day. The kidnappers called Anna’s mother’s phone from a mobile and asked for 500 million roubles ($16 million) ransom.

The police opened a criminal case.

One of the versions is that the perpetrators crashed into Anna’s car in order to kidnap her, a source in law-enforcement said. However, it is also possible that the collision was accidental and Anna was kidnapped when the people in Subaru realized who she was, he said.

Anna’s grandfather Igor Nekludov is a prominent businessman in Khabarovsk, the owner of telecommunications companies and properties, including several hotels, cinemas and fitness clubs.

Anna-Maria is a first year student in Khabarovsk state academy of economy and law.

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