Friday, 11 June 2010

Five million workers get unofficial salaries in Ukraine

About five million out of Ukraine's 20 million working population receive unofficial salaries in Ukraine today, the Trade Unions National Forum reported.

According to the statistics, the working population in Ukraine numbers about 20 million today, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Unions Forum of Ukraine Hryhoriy Kabanchenko said at a press conference in Kyiv on Friday.

According to the Trade Unions National Forum, about 4.6 million people obtain unofficial salaries today in Ukraine, while the International Labor Organization counted 4.7 million of such workers.

In addition, out of up to 400,000 illegal immigrants working in Ukraine, only 15,000 are working legally, the organization reported.

Kabanchenko emphasized that if those five million workers who obtain unofficial salaries contributed to the pension fund "we might see a surplus of the Pension Fund."

In particular, this refers to the people working in agriculture, at the markets, construction sites and seasonal workers.

"Bringing salaries out of the shadows is of great importance in Ukraine today," Kabanchenko s

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