Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Siberian plane crash death toll mounting

The 12th victim of the Katekavia AN-24 plane crash in Siberia has died in hospital, a spokesman for the Krasnoyarsk emergencies ministry said on Tuesday

4 out of 15 people originally survived the crash on Monday night; Captain Nikolai Kozlov, Co-pilot Igor Kabanov and Flight Engineer Yevgeny Pertunin, and passenger Sergey Isakov . The aircraft was carrying 15 people when it crashed into the runway from 700 metres.

The Russian Air Transport Agency said the plane landed in thick fog. "Before landing, the plane veered to the right of its landing course and collided with the ground in front of the runway," the agency said.

A spokesman for Igarka airport said the crash had not obstructed work at the airport and other planes were still taking off and landing according to schedule.

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