Saturday, 21 August 2010

Gazprom’s double in Slovakia is to be investigated

Slovak financial police and tax authorities are going to check the legality of the creation of Slovakian company Gazprom SRO, registered a week ago at an address of a shopping centre in the centre of Bratislava with the capital of €500 million.

Slovak Interior Minister Daniel Lipsic told local press that “Charges have already been made, but I cannot say who pressed them yet,” . The minister also refused to clarify what the charges were.

At the same time Slovakian tax authorities are checking the company because of it excessive capital, considering that only €5,000 are required to register a company. Slovakian government also stressed that the company does not hold a license for the sale of gas.

Russian Gazprom has repeatedly denied any connection to Gazprom SRO and is not issuing any further comments.

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