Saturday, 21 August 2010

Miracle machine to clean Moscow air

Yuri Tkachenko may soon be dubbed the rain king if he can prove his invention really can chase away the smog and wash down Moscows muggy streets with much-needed rain.

Tkachenko, who calls himself the worlds only professor of magnetology came back to Russia from the UAE to show off his gadget and said just 15 similar devices could banish pollution from our sickly skies.

Tkachenko showed off his machine to Komsomolskaya Pravda in an industrial area next to Moscow’s ring road. It looks like a harp with dozens of aluminum plates set at various angles to each other and with thin metallic threads stretched between them.

“The threads are as thin as human hair, there are several thousand of them,” boasts Tkachenko. “They are under a high voltage. Thanks to this, the construction generates negative ions, which attract other positively charged ions – dust, ash, and various negative emissions. Every one of “my” ions collects several “dust” ions. Some of them drift up to into the atmosphere, and some fall to the ground.”

As Tkachenko took his machine for a whirl, a circle of clear blue appeared in the smoggy sky, KP reported. The air in the circle was surprisingly fresh, “like early morning in the mountains.”

Tkachenko’s miracle machine can be used not only to rid the air of smoke but to summon the rain, which even the prayers Russian patriarch Kirill and his fire-stricken flock have so far failed to do.

Part of each cloud consists of positively charged ions, and if the generator can attract those it can attract the cloud itself. My estimates are that the effect can be felt at a distance of 100 km. It is not difficult to turn the attracted cloud into a rain cloud. We use this tactic in the Emirates to bring rain,” Tkachenko said.

A year ago a group of scientists tried to do the opposite and stop the rain with a device they invented, but the weather gods did not oblige and the rain kept pouring.

Tkachenko claims that rich Arab oil sheikhs are queuing up for his device and he is currently building one that takes up a square kilometer in Dubai. Tkachenko, who was born in Russia but has lived in UAE for more than 10 years, claims that he has 82 patents and that his devices are operating in 25 countries. He said he has received some contracts from the Moscow authorities to clean a pond in the city. There were reports that his magnetic technologies are to be used in medicine, farming and industry and that 20 billion roubles have been allocated for the project.

“Today no one can cause rain and predict the weather’s anomalies,” Albert Chernikov, the director of Central aerological observatory of Rosgidromet said in an interview in August.

He said these ion technologies have existed since the sixties, and they can clean the air, “but only with humidity and only in a limited space,” he said. “In order to clean up the air in Moscow, the city would have to be covered with a metallic ion net under high voltage, but it sounds more like science fiction,” he added.

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