Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Italian gymnast fell out of sixth floor window in Moscow

Russian doctors are fighting for the life of a young gymnast who fell out of a sixth-floor window in Moscow.

Violetta Ballirano, 15, fell out of an apartment and received serious injuries, including a broken shoulder, broken ankle and brain contusion, RIA Novosti reported. She is currently in intensive care in Moscow’s Botkin hospital.

The Italian athlete was at a party with friends at 10 pm on Sunday, when the incident occurred.

One version of events suggests that Violetta got in an argument with her boyfriend, who accused her of flirting with another and then left. Violetta then started crying, told her friends that she would go home, but instead jumped out of the window, according to the paper.

The police started an investigation and are questioning all those present at the party.

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