Sunday, 22 August 2010

Moscow is for lovers

Have you ever been to a Muscovite wedding? Even if the answer is no, visiting some of Moscow’s most romantic places should still be on your to-do list. Here are the destinations that have already achieved cult status – popular with both newlyweds and couples out on a stroll.
A lovebirds’ Mecca, Vorobyovy Gory will lift you up where you belong. With stunning views of Moscow State University and the rest of the city – views that are particularly good at night when it is not that crowded – the atmosphere here is perfect for lots and lots of kissing.
Overlooking the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the statue of Peter the Great, this is a perfect place to enjoy a sunset in the company of your better half or just a good friend. This bridge gave rise to a beautiful tradition of fastening “lovelocks” inscribed with the names of newlyweds on the railings as a sign of devotion. Eventually, a whole alley of “lovelock” trees appeared on neighboring Luzhkov Bridge, which also became a key destination for the newly married.
These ponds were renamed “Pionerskiye” in 1924, but the new name never caught on. The park is nice to walk in, though there’s technically only one pond left. The area around it is historic. Mihail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita opens at Patriarshi Prudy. Since the publication of the novel, Patriarshi became a site of pilgrimage. Later, a special mail box was installed here, so people searching for love or already in love could write down their thoughts or requests and drop them in the box. “We don’t open or give the letters out,” the Bulgakov Museum’s official website says. “Let them reach their addressees.” The wishes that are inscribed in these letters are said to come true.
The Hermitage garden first opened in 1895, this is a popular recreation spot in the centre of Moscow. In 2005, a monument that allegedly grants wishes appeared in the park. A huge silver heart was installed here, dedicated to St. Valentine and to all people who are in love. So if you’re in love, or want to be in love, walk through the heart and your wish might come true!

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