Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Azarov meets Yanukovych in Crimea

President Viktor Yanukovych held a working meeting with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in Crimea today.

At the meeting President Yanukovych and Prime Minister Azarov have discussed managing this year's harvest. Mykola Azarov said that the issue is in the focus of Government’s attention.

"We know and control the situation on the market. We expect that we will sell the harvest at a good price... so that farmers were not robbed once again, so that they got a good price for their grain and could lay a stable base for harvests in the following years," said Mykola Azarov.

According to him, this is what the work of the Agrarian Fund and purchases to the state reserve are aimed at.

The President of Ukraine expressed support to the idea of the Agrarian Fund issuing bonds to help it receive appropriate financial resources and perform its functions, namely the purchase of grain in large quantities. "I think that within a few days this mechanism will start working," said the Prime Minister.

Particular attention the participants of the meeting have dedicated to overcoming consequences of floods in some regions of Ukraine. The President instructed to dedicate attention to funding all the works associated with the provision of assistance to population in the areas affected by floods.

The Prime Minister reported that the Government is implementing all the instructions of the Head of State regarding overcoming the disaster and providing assistance to each aggrieved family.

"The allocated money will first of all be used to rebuild homes, roads, wells, water supplies," said the Prime Minister. He also stressed that the Government strictly controls the use of funds and that this year "the money will not dissolve in the air, as it has happened before, but will really be used to restore specific objects”.

Besides, President Yanukovych and Prime Minister Azarov have discussed improving public procurement. "I have received another letter from the Accounting Chamber about corruption occurring in public procurement... Where an officer has the opportunity to work with permit system, he uses it for his own benefit," said Viktor Yanukovych, expressing confidence that today there is every opportunity to develop sufficiently transparent public procurement system.

The President also said that the Government should take supervision over all the tender procedures conducted by the ministries, departments, committees, regions, etc.. He said that "such procedures must be absolutely transparent, open, and meet all the requirements of the law on public procurement”.

Also, the President and the Prime Minister have discussed elaboration of 2011 budget, negotiations between Ukraine and the IMF, fighting corruption, and so on.

After the meeting Mykola Azarov said that the Government would consider issues he has discussed with the President today already tomorrow.

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