Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Court declares Karya Tour bankrupt

The Kyiv Economic Court declared Kyiv-based Karya-Tour travel operator a bankrupt on July 5 and commenced its liquidation.

The court announced this in a statement.

The liquidator of the company is Valentyn Mora.

Claims from the company's creditors will be considered over a period of one month (until August 6).

Yurii Mokrytskyi, a lawyer for the Karya Tour Ukraine company, said at a press conference on Wednesday that Karya Tour and Karya Tour Ukraine were different companies.

"Karya Tour Ukraine is a different legal entity, it is not bankrupt, and it is operating as usual," Mokrytskyi said.

However, information from open sources indicates that Karya Tour and Karya Tour Ukraine, which operates under the Karya Tour brand name, share the same address.

The court said in the statement that Karya Tour was registered at 34, Lesia Ukrainky Boulevard, in Kyiv.

This is the address indicated on the two internet websites and

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, according to foreign mass media, on July 9, Turkish operator Karya-Tour (partner of Ukrainian Karya-Tour) announced its bankruptcy that caused the problems with accommodation of Ukrainian tourists at Turkish hotels.

Following negotiations between Ukrainian diplomats and the Turkish side the Antalya general directorate for culture and tourism issued instructions to hotels not to oust Karya Tour clients from their rooms until the day of their return to Ukraine.

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