Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shark nets to be installed on Russky Island

Shark nets are to be installed is the Russian Far East after three shark attacks there this year, said first deputy head of government Igor Shuvalov.

The shark nets will be set up along the beaches that belong to Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island.

“Together with education minister, the [Far Eastern Federal University] rector and the Krokus group, which is constructing the university on Russky Island, we agreed to set up shark nets all along the university zone beaches,” Shuvalov is quoted as saying at a meeting with students on Thursday,

“We will definitely do it by the next swimming season. And if in the future we have an extra kopeck, we will do it along all of the Russky Island coast,” he said, adding that the nets would be like those in many countries.

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