Thursday, 17 November 2011

MP Korolevska Asking Karpachova To Deal With Tymoshenko's Rights Violation

KIEV, Ukraine -- Natalia Korolevska, a Verkhovna Rada deputyhas asked Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Nina Karpachova to deal with violations of the rights of Yulia Tymoshenko, the press-service of the people's deputy said in the statement.
"On November 14 Tymoshenko's daughter Yevhenia Carr and attorney Serhii Vlasenko were refused to visit the defendant because of deterioration in her state of health. However, on the same day Deputy Minister of Health Raisa Moiseenko claimed that there were no contraindications to continue investigative activities involving Yulia Tymoshenko," the press service quoted Korolevska as saying.

In the letter Korolevska is requesting Karpachova to immediately intervene in the situation around Tymoshenko and eliminate violations of her custody in Lukianivka detention center, Kiev.

Korolevska stressed party members, attorneys and relatives are not allowed meeting with Tymoshenko because of her bad health, but investigators could.

"The State Penitentiary Service on November 7 informed that Yulia Tymoshenko had difficulties with walking due to terrible pain in spine. However, this did not prevent the authorities from bringing new charges against her within the framework of tax police investigations and question her even though Tymoshenko could not get out of bed," Korolevska emphasized.

She thinks such actions look like tortures and preparations for Tymoshenko's physical elimination.

As Ukrainian News reported, Member of Parliament Serhii Sobolev, says that lawyers of Yulia Tymoshenko are not allowed to her cell.

According to Vlasenko, a Verkhovna Rada deputy, Tymoshenko's attorney, the administration of Lukianivka detention center refuse Tymoshenko's relatives and attorneys to visit her because of deterioration in her state of health, but investigators may come to her without any problems.

Oleksandr Burianov, Doctor of Medicine, head of the chair of orthopedics and traumatology at the Bogomolets National Medical University, who headed the medical commission tasked with examining Tymoshenko, on November 11 said that her health allowed investigative actions involving her.

After visiting Tymoshenko in prison on November 9 Serhii Vlasenko said she was unable to walk without assistance.

Tymoshenko has been kept in the Lukianivka detention center in Kiev since August 5.

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