Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Putin blasts 'parasite' US

America lives beyond its means, leeches off the world economy and yet everyone depends on it, a bullish Vladimir Putin told Seliger 2011.

He rejoiced that the Americans were sensible enough to agree on a debt deal, and promoted the cause of the ruble and the real value of Russia’s gold reserve.

The PM also described totalitarianism as an “ineffective” way to rule the country and promised to lose weight.

Not only does the credit-hungry US sponge off the rest of the world but its dollar dominance is a threat to everyone else, he said.

“They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy,” Putin said. “They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar,” Reuters reported.

“If over there (in America) there is a systemic malfunction, this will affect everyone,” he told the gathered campers.

US President Barack Obama earlier announced a last-ditch deal to cut about $2.4 trillion from the US deficit over the next decade, to stave off a crushing debt default and avoid the risk that the economic power house’s AAA credit rating would be downgraded.

“Thank God that they had enough common sense and responsibility to make a balanced decision,” he added.

This systematic failure prompted by an American default would not necessarily harm America as the devaluated dollar would “create better conditions for export,” Putin said

With a devalued dollar they could overcome Chinese imports and European competitors, he said.

He also said that with the ruble, by contrast, is looking up and that thanks to gold reserves and the customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan it is an important regional currency.

The PM also turned his talk to systems of government and said that totalitarianism was not a path to follow, “This is an inefficient way to govern, in modern conditions especially it is a dead end because… totalitarianism as a form of government kills freedom and people’s creativity,” he said. the state, as a result, would be “doomed,” he added.

Putin is well known to lament the passing of the Soviet Union and he told a woman who mourned the end of Stalin’s days in power that this period had contributed to the collapse of the USSR.

The PM congratulated Seliger participant Nikita Italyantsev who a year ago had “stopped robbing the country” and lost 37 kilos. He now runs a studio in Nizhny Novgorod where he helps others lose weight.

“You have great strength of will,” Putin told him, Life News reported.

100 young people stood on a giant set of scales, dreaming of becoming “someone like Putin”.

They weighed in at 6 tons 113 kg and plan, collectively, to lose a ton in a year.

Then I promise to lose half a kilo, said Putin as he slapped his paunch. He did not elaborate on how much he weighed, but began his campaign by tackling a climbing wall at the camp.

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