Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Burglars leave 500 rubles to help their victim

An old woman living in Kirov Region feared the worst when her home was burgled – but instead she ended up 500 rubles ($18) richer.

Zinaida Makarova, 91, returned home to discover the place had been ransacked, but apparently the would-be thieves were so moved by her shabby belongings that they left the banknote with a message saying: “This is for you, Granny!”

Police have ruled out the possibility that this was an intentional act of charity, pointing out that there was no need to break into the host and rifle through Makarova’s possessions, LifeNews reported.

However, there are no plans to start a criminal case – although cops will investigate whether these big-hearted burglars had attacked other homes.

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