Friday, 30 October 2009

Regions Party: Yanukovych can return debt to IMF when president

Ukraine will pay off its debts to the International Monetary Fund if Regions Party's leader Viktor Yanukovych becomes the president of Ukraine, representatives of the party have said. "If Yanukovych becomes president, all international obligations would be fulfilled and all debts would be paid off," the deputy head of the Regions Party, Borys Kolesnikov, said at a press conference on Thursday.According to him, additional sources will be found via economic reforms. The economy minister of the opposition government, Iryna Akimova, in turn, said that currently the most important thing is to stop the "absolutely uncontrolled" rise in Ukraine's debts.She said a law banning the government from independently distributing funds from external loans would be adopted if the Regions Party team comes to power.

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