Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Voice of the Russian Voter on Elections

I voted for the party that I really do not sympathise with, but that would allow me a strong voice against the party that governs - United Russia.

I voted for the Communist Party. They are a powerful opposition and I hoped enough people would vote so that it would result in discussions in parliament rather than a government making decisions and rushing them through without a real debate.

Many people I know did the same as me.

People here are very disappointed in the United Russia and fake-president Dmitry Medvedev.

I am personally frustrated that Putin is going to take part in the presidential election next year and the time of presidency has been extended to six years.

While I voted for him the first and second time, this time I think it's not the right decision.

That's not a democracy, that's dictatorship.

In my city, which is the third largest in Russia, Communist Party took first place while United Russia was second. That's the sign that people are against the governing party and that makes me glad.

I hope that we will have strong opposition in our parliament and there will be a dialogue.

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