Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Voice of the Russian Voter on Elections

I voted for the Yabloko party to win the election.

There is no chance for democracy while Vladimir Putin is a ruler in Russia.

Putin's regime is not a democracy, it's authoritarianism.

When we will be able to dethrone Mr Putin we will have a chance for democracy.

For a fair election we need a lot of international observers. They are more independent and they will be more objective.

People in Russia don't love the United Russia party because it is the "bureaucracy party."

I do not believe in the results of these elections. The United Russia party has got the votes it has because of students and state workers - they are the ones who agreed to vote for the political party.

But they had no option - it was necessary for them to choose the party if they were to find work.

The United Russia party also tried to target other groups - including those who are retired. The officials gave these people gifts - not so expensive products in order to win their vote.

I am disappointed by the outcome.

We have not got democracy in our country.

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