Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lytvyn: Ukrainian opposition's plans for early parliamentary elections futile

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn is confident that the opposition would be unable to secure early parliamentary elections

"Ninety-nine percent of the deputies want to continue their work very much, and therefore I am convinced that this idea [the blocking of the parliament's work to make early parliamentary elections inevitable] will not be implemented," Lytvyn said on Inter television channel on Friday evening.

If the opposition tries to block the Verkhovna Rada, some opposition "deputies will quickly defect to the coalition," he said.

Lytvyn said he expected at least ten people to join the majority coalition soon.

"The coalition numbers about 240 people today, and I think another ten deputies will increase it after May 11," he said.

Lytvyn also suggested that the ratification of an agreement with Russia on extending the Black Sea Fleet's presence will minimize separatist sentiments in Crimea.

"I am sure that the grounds for separatist sentiments in Crimea have shrunk," he said.

"Sevastopol has been and will be a Ukrainian city," Lytvyn said. "Crimea has been and will be an inseparable part of Ukraine," he said.

"It is not Russia that wants to take over Crimea but some Crimeans want to go to Russia, and this is a fact that we all should talk about and act correspondingly," he said.

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