Friday, 28 May 2010

Germany ready to participate in equipping corvette for Ukrainian Navy

The possibility of Germany's participation in equipping a corvette for the Ukrainian Navy was discussed as part of Germany's Military Industry Day in Sevastopol.

A meeting between German and Ukrainian working groups took place on board the German Navy frigate FGS Niedersachsen, which is on a working visit to Sevastopol.

German Ambassador to Ukraine Hans-Jurgen Heimsoeth said ahead of the meeting that "in the context of building a promising Ukrainian corvette, we are ready to cooperate with Ukraine, in the industries that Ukraine chooses, as are most required for it."

"I understand that it's very important for Ukraine to employ its workers, and I understand that it's very important to produce most of the ship's equipment in Ukraine. On the other hand, in the technical sphere we have certain areas where we could help Ukraine raise the level of such ships to a high modern level. This is a subject for further talks with the Ukrainian side," he said.

The commander of the frigate, Andre Dirks, in turn, said that Germany was a leader not only the construction of modern submarines.

"German industry can offer an entire range of naval equipment and technology. It's up to the Ukrainian customers to choose," he said.

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