Saturday, 16 June 2012

Russian hooligans out for revenge in Poland

Clashes between Polish and Russian fans are expected on the weekend when Russia plays Greece in Warsaw in their last group game. Groups of fans are rumored to have dispatched hooligans hidden among 20,000 extra people travelling to the game against Greece. Their mission is to avenge the attack on Russian fans during their march in Warsaw on Russia Day before the group game against Poland, “Several hundred serious people” are travelling to Poland, a source close to the groups told the daily. The majority of the troublemakers will travel to Poland in time for the match on Saturday, June 16, when Russia plays the last group game of the tournament. The number of Russian fans attending this game is expected to double. The hooligans will try to seek revenge for attacks by Polish ultras on the Russian fans march. They expect new fights, but they will be smaller and localized. The source said football hooligans prefer to agree time and place of fights beforehand. However, no one held any talks with Polish fans this time, and the source predicts the fights will happen in the outskirts of the city without preliminary agreements, because “the city is small and there are a lot of police.” After the clashes some Russians were so worried for their well-being they decided to leave the country. Belavia airlines reported that several dozen Russians, including some of those injured in the clashes, changed the dates of their flights. On Saturday, the head of the Presidential Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, is going to Warsaw to talk to Polish Interior Minister Jacek Cichocki,

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