Sunday, 15 April 2012

Avtovaz to stop making Lada Riva AKA the Semyorka

Russia’s biggest car-maker plans to stop making the classic Lada Riva, after demand fell by 76 percent compared to last year.
“It’s all going according to plan,” Avtovaz communications director Igor Burenkov was quoted as saying. “Demand for the classics fell significantly. It is time to say goodbye.”
The car-maker did not say when the last Lada 2107 will roll off the conveyor belt, but added that newer models Lada Kalina, Lada Priora and Lada Granta had become more popular.
The Izhavto plant in Udmurtia will be reorganized to make the newer models instead of the Riva. Work on taking it off the production line will begin next week.
Lada Riva was exported into Western European markets, and became a target of numerous jokes for its poor quality.

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