Saturday, 21 April 2012

Evil troll Berezovsky says Britain's Prince Harry should rule Russia

ligarch in disgrace Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (known for his initials as BAB) announced the principles of the new ideology of Russia. According to him, Russia must have a new leader - Britain's Prince Harry. When Mr. Berezovsky announced the establishment of the Christian and Democratic Revolutionary Party of Russia's Resurrection, everyone thought that it was a joke. However, it turned out that Berezovsky did not even intend to make any jokes. The news about the new party came on April 15th, when the Orthodox world was celebrating Easter. That was not very important, though. Boris Abramovich Berezovsky formulated his basic ideas of Russia's revival. The ideas are supposed to lay the foundation of his new party. Anyway, it appears that BAB has firmly decided to become a stand-up comedian. Speaking about the great role of Russia, Berezovsky harshly criticized the United States, which, as he said, can no longer carry the cross of the leader of the democratic world. "After September 11, instead of showing a new ideology, the USA made a step back. The country began strengthening its state-run institutions and toughening centralized control over the society," he wrote in the foreword for his manifesto. He continued with saying that the new world will belong to those who realize the new system of "transparent" structure of society and state. Russia does not need to do too much for that, he believes. Particularly, Berezovsky has an interesting approach to the problem of the relations between the regions and the center. According to him, every entity should have a state status, so that it is up to entities (regions) to decide which powers should be delegated to the center, and not vice versa, as it happens now. According to BAB, it is a monarch, who is supposed to become the central figure of the new state. The power of the monarch will be restricted by a constitution. Berezovsky has already chosen the candidate for this role - Prince Harry. The younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is one of the brightest symbols of the modern civilized world, Berezovsky believes. Moreover, he believes that Prince Harry has "more Russian blood than the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Prince Harry's great great grandmother was the great duchess Olga Konstantinovna Romanov. The oligarch also suggests Russia should adopt the British legal system, which has a major advantage over the Russian legal system. According to him, the Russian elite have already "chosen London as the capital of justice." It goes without saying that BAB is supposed to hail the London court that covers up the affairs of the oligarch in disgrace. Berezovsky also put forward an idea to get rid of the State Duma and the Federation Council. The departments, as he said, can be replaced with the law-making mechanism that stipulates online voting. Communists may surely like his slogan "Petrodollars to the people!" The entire profit received from the extraction of natural resources should be shared among Russian citizens rather than wired to the budget. Nationalists may like Berezovsky's idea about the Russian citizenship. According to the oligarch, anyone, who passes exams on the Russian language and the knowledge of the Russian culture, regardless of their place of their permanent residence, can become Russian citizens. All of those theses already exist in the programs of Russian parties. Needless to say that it is impossible to discussed the above-mentioned ideas seriously. As they say in Russia, there is a share of joke in every joke. It seems that Mr. Berezovsky has become an evil troll (an Internet troll) to play games with the general public and take revenge on his opponents.

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