Friday, 15 July 2011

Medvedev: Cruise organizers, not only 'scapegoats' must answer for shipwreck

Gorki, July 15 (Interfax) - All agencies responsible for the tourist process must answer for the recent cruise boat disaster, President Dmitry Medvedev said.

"This means that not only people who rubber-stamp documents, not only scapegoats, but also organizers of the cruise must answer," Medvedev said at a meeting devoted specifically to the recent cruise boat disaster on Friday.

"The measure of punishment to be chosen must make it clear to each executive, irrespective of rank, that he will be held responsible for each cruise not only administratively, but also criminally. Criminal liability must be sufficiently serious," Medvedev said.

"Unfortunately, we won't be able to renew the river and sea fleets either in a year, or in a few years to come," he said.

"It is a complicated and costly project. To be honest, not a single new ship has been built or bought in the past 20 years. But this does not mean that all those responsible for clearing ships on sail must just rubber-stamp permits," Medvedev said.

All must be criminally liable, he said, adding that, "the investigation must therefore be thorough and based on complex and sophisticated checks."

"It is our task to find out the causes - they are more or less clear now - and also to prevent disasters," he said

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