Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Russian government will improve investment climate if business plays by the rules - Putin

The Russian government will continue removing administrative obstacles, if businessmen put an end to shadow schemes and tax evasion, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

"The investment climate improvement is a two-way street and not everything depends on the government, though it undoubtedly plays an important role. It sets teh rules of the game but it is businessmen, the business community who form a favorable atmosphere for its activities," Putin said at a Delovaya Rossiya meeting.

He said that Russian companies must strictly adhere to laws. "Not because they can be caught red-handed but because to deceive consumers, employees, not to pay taxes is indecent," he said.

Companies must improve their own standards and social programs, Putin said. "Only in this case will the government be able to continue its policy of reducing bureaucratic obstacles, including in taxation," he said.

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