Saturday, 30 October 2010

Reactionary rally takes to Moscow's streets

The stark colours of the white, gold and black imperial flag with seek to replace the rainbow stripes of Russia’s gay community at a reactionary rally this Saturday.

Narodny Sobor (The People’s Congregation) is rallying against newly-legalised gay rights marches and promoting its understanding of family values.

The conservative values of the Russian Orthodox Church should help Russia’s population thrive and avoid the negative influence of what they describe as the collapse of Western Civilization.

And marchers have been spurred into action by the recent European court verdict allowing gay pride marches in Moscow.

They said this ruling is one of many which threatens Russia’s moral values – which have already been damaged by malign influences – and needs to be reconsidered by an alternative court.

Several civic movements including veterans, family groups and religious organisations, headed by Narodny Sobor, are ready to stand up for their values.

As usual the main threat to Russia’s future generations is seen from the West, with its unacceptable values of liberty and tolerance.

“We support the idea of creating an alternative European Court that could reconsider the original decision,” Alexander Lapin, head of the Moscow department of Narodny Sobor,said. “We believe it’s wrong that the Constitution puts international legal regulations above national ones. This is the way to impose us to their will.”

However, changing the Russian Constitution is not in the group’s plans – and their planned international court will be explained at Saturday’s rally.

Other issues that worry organisers are the promotion of immorality in the media, sex education in schools, and far too much porn, bad language, booze and tobacco on the nation’s screens.

The second protest against gay marches held in Moscow this week doesn’t seem to bother Nikolay Alexeyev, who won the pro-gay verdict in Strasbourg.

Let them protest. Its not going to result in anything. There is the Court decision, that doesn’t allow Russia to adopt any laws prohibiting gay marches. All this is just a PR opportunity for these people,” Alexeyev said.

The gay community has never rallied against its opponents. “I’ve never questioned people’s right to hold meetings against gay-pride marches. Freedom of assembly is one of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution” Alexeyev said.

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