Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mironov: Post in exchange for loyalty

United Russia will not call for Just Russia's leader Sergei Mironov's resignation as Federation Council speaker in exchange for his party's support on "strategic issues".
United Russia leader Boris Gryzlov met with Sergei Mironov on Monday, a week after the outraged United Russia called for Mironov's resignation as Federation Council speaker in response to his public criticism of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's budget policies.
The parties signed an agreement after the meeting under which Just Russia promised to support President Medvedev and United Russia leader Putin on strategic issues of foreign policy, national security, constitutional principles and non-acceptance of extremism.
At the same time United Russia agreed to drop its demands of Mironov's resignation from the post of the Federation Council chairman.
"United Russia has a majority in Federation Council and finds it acceptable to support Sergei Mikhailovich [Mironov] as Chairman of Federation Council", Interfax quoted Boris Gyrzlov, the head of United Russia's managing council and chairman of the State Duma, as saying.
However, Mironov said his Just Russia will remain an opponent of the United Russia.
"Our party's right to adopt any stance, including in relation socio-economic development issues is granted by the Constitution,"- Mironov said adding the parties agreed to discuss their differences in a civilized manner.
Russian business daily Kommersant quoted expert as saying that the whole public clash between Mironov and the United Russia was a plot by United Russia's chief ideologist Vladislav Surkov's aimed at destroying Mironov and his party.
Politologist Alexander Kinev told that the peace deal was struck on the Kremlin orders.

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