Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yushchenko Has “Lying Disease,” Vice-Premier Turchynov Says

KIEV, Ukraine -- Addressing a cabinet meeting Jan. 6, first Vice-Premier Oleksandr Turchynov has called President Yushchenko’s recent accusations of the cabinet as flagrant lies.
“Typically, we do not comment such declarations but, regrettably, Viktor Yushchenko, who is still president of the country, has definitely lost control and comes up on a daily basis with stupid charges that are in fact flagrant and cynical lies,” Turchynov said.Turchynov cited Yushchenko’s recent statements about an off-shore company owned by Premier Tymoshenko and the alleged loss of Ukraine’s gas pipelines.While in office, Yushchenko hasn’t filed a single lawsuit with the prosecutors or SBU (former KGB), or police, or the tax authorities about the loss of Ukraine’s pipelines. These are not merely fantasies, it is a disease, a lying disease,” he added.“One thing when such declarations emanate from an illiterate oppositionist. However, when the president gets involved in mud-slinging you have either to send him to hospital or make him take the dock in court for lying,” the first vice-premier concluded.

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