Monday, 25 January 2010

Yanukovych: Ukraine turned into world's dump for various types of waste over last five years

Ukraine has turned into a world dump for various types of waste, including meat products, leader of the Regions Party and presidential candidate Victor Yanukovych has said. "Various raw materials were sent to Ukraine, very often [they are] of poor quality. To speak plainly, Ukraine has been made the world's dump, for example, for meat products," he said on the Kherson regional TV and radio company on Friday.Yanukovych, in particular, noted that in 2009 Ukraine imported 700,000 tonnes of meat from Brazil, Australia, Argentina, and the United States, which very often was of poor quality, according to experts' assessments.According to Yanukovych, livestock production is being deliberately eliminated in Ukraine."As our farmers say, soon the cow will become an exotic animal that we will see only in the zoo [in Ukraine]," Yanukovych said.At the same time, he vowed that if he were elected president, a program on the adaptation of farming to the conditions of the World Trade Organization would be launched.

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