Monday, 25 January 2010

Yanukovych expects radical measures from Tymoshenko aimed at disrupting election

Regions Party leader Victor Yanukovych has said he does not rule out that the public will soon witness radical measures taken by presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko in order to disrupt the presidential run-off vote. "They [Tymoshenko's team] are planning a lot of things. I think that we'll soon see their actions, they will be radical and they will be aimed at disrupting the election or rigging the vote," he said on Poltava television and radio company on Monday.Yanukovych said that any attempt to use falsifications with the printing of ballots would fail, "because it's impossible to [print] the number of ballots Tymoshenko would need even if all of the country's printing and publishing companies printed ballots.""They will fail to do this, because we'll oversee the voting process, and there are currently many international observers," he said.

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