Saturday, 26 December 2009

Russian gifts: all wrapped up

The dreaded Christmas shopping season is here again. What can you take to your friends and relatives that is affordable and distinctively Russian? If you've been here any length of time, they probably have all the matryoshkas, Gzhel figurines, birch wood boxes and painted trays they can comfortably use (and possibly more). Here are some other ideas for accessible gifts that cost less than 500 roubles. Good places to shop include factory outlets, museum shops and churches (great shawls!), as well as the Vernissage in Izmailovo craft market - a huge and colourful one-stop shop for souvenirs. For pricey but original gifts, you might want to check out the boutiques at Winzavod or the Byuro Nakhodok chain, with their caviar-tin pillows and abacus clocks

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