Saturday, 26 December 2009

Yushchenko says preventing citizenship abuse is a crucial tasks

President Viktor Yushchenko believes that creation of a legal mechanism of preventing abuses in the Ukrainian citizenship is one of the main national tasks.
The head of state therefore suggests introducing particular restrictions for citizens with dual citizenship. The Presidential Secretariat's Citizenship Service reminds that the principle of a single citizenship is in effect in Ukraine. The law on citizenship envisages discontinuation of citizenship both of one's own will and upon submission of public authorities, namely in the event of a voluntary acquisition of foreign citizenship. The pace of immigration movements in the world has significantly increased the number of people having dual citizenship that establishes a legal link of a person with two states simultaneously that may lead to interference with internal affairs of other state under pretense of defending its citizens. It may be that public service, military service, law enforcement service of persons having foreign citizenship in addition to the Ukrainian one threatens to national security of the country. Social security abuse, tax evasion by such persons and their exit to the country whose citizenship they also have make it difficult to bring them to responsibility for crimes committed in Ukraine.

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