Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Presidential debates to take place on January 4-15 in Ukraine

The Central Election Commission has adopted the procedure of holding the television debates between the candidates for Ukraine's presidency, which will be financed from the state budget's funds assigned for the National Television Company of Ukraine. The Central Election Commission passed a relevant decision on Tuesday.Central Election Commission member Ihor Zhydenko reminded that according to legislation, each pair of candidate will be given 60 minutes of air time during the first round of election, and 100 minutes during the runoff.The order of the candidates' appearance in the television debates will be determined through the drawing of lots in the Central Election Commission.At the same time, if one of the candidates does not attend the debates, he will be given half of the air time for campaigning.In the second round, however, if one of the candidates fails to appear in the debates, his time will be given to his rival.According to Zhydenko, the National Television Company has already scheduled the debate for January 4 through 15 from 19:00 until 22:00.

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