Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Second Russia weapons depot blast kills eight soldiers

At least eight people have been killed at a Russian ammunition depot, 10 days after explosions tore through the same site, the defence ministry says.
The explosion happened at the Arsenal 31 depot on the outskirts of Ulyanovsk, 900km (550 miles) south-east of Moscow.
The dead were reportedly all members of a bomb disposal unit, who were loading live ammunition onto a lorry.
The previous explosions and fires killed two soldiers as they attempted to decommission weapons.
Two people were also injured in Monday's accident, a defence ministry spokesman said.
The blast took place at 1430 (1130 GMT) when the team were clearing the area in the navy base which had been affected by the huge explosions and fire on 13 November.
Investigations are under way into both incidents.
At the time of the November incident, officials said artillery shells and torpedoes were kept at the arsenal.

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