Saturday, 3 March 2012

Protesting Moscow

Moscow will see mass protests both for and against the authorities staged over the upcoming days. All the possible rallying points immediately next to the Kremlin have been given to pro-Kremlin youth groups, who will man their stations starting late on Sunday, March 4.
The opposition, meanwhile, will meet the following evening a little further from the Kremlin on Pushkin Square, while Eduard Limonov promises to rally his supporters outside the Central Election Committee building.
On March 4, Moscow will see night-time rallies, something that has not happened in Russia since early 90s. Pro-Putin Duma deputies will gather on Ploshchad Revolutsii at 9 pm on Sunday, and with Nashi on the neighboring Manezh Square, all of the very center of the city will be occupied.
In total, City Hall has given permission for 13 rallies on March 4, all of them to pro-Kremlin youth groups and all for the same time – 3-11 pm.
On March 5, the same groups have permission for rallies in the same areas.
Tverskaya Ulitsa may be blocked depending on the situation, the police have said that if there are a lot of people, they will close at least one lane, or maybe even all of it.
Law enforcement officials were given orders to strictly prevent any violations from protesters, Kommersant reported. Any attempts to put tents up will be prevented, police said.
Since March 1, all Moscow police are on alert until further notice. Moscow police will get reinforcements from Tula and Moscow regions. There are also rumors about a special forces “Chechen regiment,” being brought in, which are vehemently denied by Ramzan Kadyrov.

Pro-Kremlin youth will take-over Moscow
Pro-Kremlin protests were allowed on all the squares that the opposition applied for, Vedomosti reported. Nashi said they will not only to cheer for Putin, but also not to allow the opposition to use the areas.
“They will start a fight on Sunday night. They will do what was done after the Duma elections on Triumfalnaya. But if they want to take over the squares, they will not succeed – the squares will already be taken,” Nashi senior member Andrei Osipov told Izvestia.
“Every second blog from them is close to calling for a coup d’état. They even write that they will carjack snow ploughs that will break into the center,” he said.

Vladimir Putin could attend a rally on Manezhnaya
President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin could make an appearance on Manezh Square, the media has reported.
Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said that it was not clear whether Putin would appear, however.

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