Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lutsenko after hunger strike gains four kilograms in weight

Former Ukrainian Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko has said he feels well and has gained four kilograms in weight after ending his hunger strike.

"I feel well. I have gained four kilograms in weight in the two weeks following my hunger strike," Lutsenko told reporters in the hall of Kyiv's Pechersky District Court, which is considering the case against him.

According to Lutsenko he has had problems with his health only once recently, when he had backache in court following a long stay in a cell.

"At present it's all right, I'm actively doing physical activities," Lutsenko said.

An Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported that the former minister looks healthier than during his hunger strike, and seems livelier.

Lutsenko has been held in jail since Dec. 26, 2010. Kyiv Court of Appeals on April 21 extended Lutsenko's arrest until May 26, and after that he announced his intention to go on hunger strike from April 22.

On May 10, Lutsenko was transferred from the medical unit of the pretrial detention center to the emergency hospital to conduct medical examination.

On May 23, Lutsenko filed an official written statement on the end of his hunger strike starting from May 24.

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