Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ukrainian LGBT organization stands against speculations over "European values"

Representatives of Ukrainian LGBT community were taking part in mass street protests in the Independence Square independently, co-chairman of the "Ukrainian LGBT community council" Olena Shevchenko told a press conference, ForUm's correspondent reports. "I want to point out that LGBT community has been participating in all events of the EuroMaidan, but we have decided to come without any attributes, political or others. We stand for human rights, equality, freedom of LGBT communities. At the same time we stand against speculations over so-called "European values". European values for us include universal human values, which are freedom, equality, ban of any kind of discrimination," Shevchenko informed. Moreover, Shevchenko also slammed speculations and provocations, related to presence of representatives of Ukrainian LGBT community in Maidan.

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