Sunday, 8 December 2013

Security on Maidan ready for night of vigilance

housands remain on Independence Square, while hundreds of activists stand guard at different points of the perimeter. They say they are protecting the rally from so-called provocateurs or hired thugs and are on the lookout for drunken people. “Today there were almost no provocations, a few drunken people, but we will closely watch the square at night,” says Mykhailo Zhmurkevych, a student from Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine. He added that a “surveillance group” has been organized numbering around 800 to stand guard to prevent any attacks like to one that happened on Nov. 30 when police used violently excessive force to disperse a small crowd on the square. He said they will stand guard around the clock. The overall atmosphere is, however, festive with protesters seen singing and dancing.

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