Saturday, 5 October 2013

Putin criticized officials for improper expenditure of the "people's money"

President calls from all parts of the vertical of power to shape the budget carefully and spend it effectively In the Kremlin, at a meeting of the State Council brought together the heads of almost all the subjects of the federation, the ministers of the economic block and heads of Duma factions. Discussed for the ailing state of the system theme - inefficient use of funds allocated from the state treasury. Vladimir Putin opened the shaft of the State Council of criticism by officials of different levels that are poorly performing budget. - We are constantly talking about one and the same: budget performance is chaotic and extremely uneven. At the end of the year begins the "all hands on deck" urgent "development" of resources. If something is changing and, very slowly, just microscopic steps. Many budget items and programs suffer too unspecific and amorphous. Instead of clear goals can often find streamlined bureaucratic language like "improve", "perfect." All this is far from life, and must be regretted that no good - the head of state. The President cited the example of the state program "Information Society", which in August this year was performed by only 3.5%. In part, Putin defended the current government, recognizing that the problem is systemic, and it was at the last Cabinet of Ministers. - We are talking about the inefficient spending of taxpayers' money, in fact the people's money - said Putin and asked officials to carefully program budgets. According to the President, to motivate all levels of government on an economically sound use of funds. Vladimir Putin instructed the government to introduce fiscal regulations, which establish a cost-effective result. And the Chamber on behalf of the president will be to monitor the formation of budgets. - While budgets are not programmatic, the expenditures do not give the desired effect - admitted reporters Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Golikova. Angered the president and the regular increase in the cost estimates for the construction of large objects. - As a result of objects which planned to build two to three years, turn into long-term protracted. I ask the Government to conduct an inventory of major projects, to work out price fixing objects to prevent them in the future appreciation - instructed the head of state. The next point of criticism of the president - government purchases. According to the Government Accountability Office of the Kremlin, after a spot check online ads tenders revealed that in the last year to 60% of purchases were made with violations. - What happens at times, causes confusion and questions from citizens. Here is an example: in the Smolensk region for the school laboratory equipment purchased for 46 million rubles on the condition that it worked in the mountains. Where's the mountain? In Smolensk, then the regions - Putin surprised. Here, the president reiterated the need to Dec. 1 to take all regulations for starting a contract system. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov explained inefficient spending growth of the state apparatus and the number of state employees. - Over the past five years the number of full-time state and municipal employees rose by 100 thousand people. We have a bloated budget network, more than in Soviet times - lamented the minister. Anton Siluanov led to disappointing his department statistics: in the Novgorod region of one teacher for 13 pupils, and in the Smolensk region of 10 million people 74 municipal employees. The theme of mismanagement and spending picked up, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In his speech, the politician complained that the St. George Hall of the Kremlin's cold because the air conditioning is available as well as in summer, although it is now autumn. - I'm here in 1986, was in Sakhalin, September, plus twenty. But already stoked because it says so in the manual. We opened the windows in the hotel. So much for the efficiency, and because nothing has changed - Vladimir Zhirinovsky complained. Vladimir Putin took the remark seriously, recognizing that in a country in various sectors operate under outdated rules and patterns. The president has asked his administration, the Cabinet and the Government of experts to study the issue to address such shortcomings. The President also drew attention to the failure of instructions given at previous meetings of the State Council. - I have always talked about it, but the situation is not corrected. A special working group, which will control the execution of Letters - said the president. After the State Council through the halls and corridors of the Kremlin officials and ministers were quickly being clearly not in the mood to talk.

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