Saturday, 17 November 2012

Revolutionary robot storms Winter Palace in Australian exam paper

A giant robot helped storm the Winter Palace during October Revolution in 1917, at least according to a history exam paper in Australia. The VCE exam body unwittingly used a doctored artwork depicting a huge BattleTech Marauder robot in the background helping socialist revolutionaries during the Russian Revolution in this year’s year 12 history exam taken by 5,700 students. Exams for the popular History: Revolution subject were originally supposed to include the artwork “Storming the Winter Palace on 25th October 1917” by Nikolai Kochergin. It is unclear how the doctored version made it into the exam, but a search for the image in Google brings up the robot version as the first result. A spokesman for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) said the image was "sourced and acknowledged by the VCAA as coming from the Internet." "The image has been altered but the alteration of the image won’t impact on the students’ capacity to answer the examination question," he said.

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