Monday, 23 July 2012

Stage And Film Actor And Former Ukrainian Minister Of Culture Dies

KIEV, Ukraine -- Bohdan Stupka one of the best known and loved Ukrainian award-winning actors died at 70 years of age on Sunday, July 22, 2012. Stupka was recognized as the most famous Ukrainian actor and had a hundred roles in films and over fifty in theaters (on stage). Stupka was very much appreciated in Ukraine in the entertainment industry. Bohdan Stupka was born in Kulykiv, which is in Lviv oblast, Ukraine. Stupka also had been awarded the titles: Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of the USSR and Hero of Ukraine (The Order of the State in 2011). His most memorable stage role in the last ten years has been as Tevye the Milkman in Sholom Aleichem's Tevye-Tevel (Fiddler on the Roof (1971)). After a 2-year stint as the Ukrainian Minister of Culture, he became the Executive Director of the Ivano Franko State Theater in Kiev. Along with his administrative duties, Mr. Stupka continued to perform several times a week in various new and traditional stage productions. He also toured with his company, and appeared in two or three films every year. Despite his busy schedule, he still found time to devote to his wife of many years Larissa, as well as his son Ostap Stupka, and his grandchildren.

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